Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Live on little Riley

Only for a time you joined us
Oh those sweetest days and nights
How little time you lingered
Your future looked so bright

I remember only a few things
about your time with me
Memories I'll treasure
until you again I see

The way you used to snuggle
In Mommy's cozy womb
I never would have guess or known
It'd also be your tomb

I wasn't ready for you to leave me
I wanted to keep you for always
I wanted to watch you grow and play
and hold you all my days

Sometimes I wonder why you left me
but in the end I know its true
you didn't want to leave
its just something you had to do

Sweet little angel boy
My dearest little Riley
In my heart you'll live on
as long as my heart beats inside me

So don't you worry my baby boy
Although we've said goodbye
You'll live on for many years
and you'll never truly die.


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